Four Temperaments Test by the Eysenck Method

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Four Temperaments Test

The quiz consists of 40 questions that simulate standard traits of human behavior. Remember, there are no “correct” answers, so try not to overthink your answers and choose the first response that comes to mind.

Our quiz is based on the classical Eysenck methods, but using contemporary situations/questions. The responses not only help determine your temperament type (a phlegmatic, melancholic, sanguine or choleric), but are also assigned a value in points. It helps a person understand how they may possess traits of extraversion or introversion.

4 Temperaments Test

Take the quiz and get your results in a few minutes for free without registration and SMS.

1. Is it hard for you to talk to new people?
2. What do you usually do in new places?
3. Do keep a journal or planner?
4. Can you call your life happy and satisfying?
5. How easy is it for you to speak at conferences, meetings or presentations?
6. Do you like to be in the spotlight?
7. Do you frequently interrupt others or are tempted to?
8. Do you often check before going somewhere if the lights, water, stove, etc., are turned off?
9. You were invited to a wedding and suddenly asked to make a toast. Is it difficult for you to quickly come up with a speech?
10. Do you sometimes feel heart palpitations or unexplained tremors?
11. What type of speech do you have?
12. Do people frequently ask you if something is wrong, even though you are in a good mood?
13. Do you worry about your mistakes for a long time, or do you often recall awkward moments that you’ve had in the past?
14. Are you afraid of elevators, tunnels or confined spaces?
15. Do you experience nightmares?
16. How do you cope with setbacks/failures?
17. Does it bother you that you are or may be worse off than other people?
18. Is it hard for you to ask strangers for or about something?
19. Do you dream or fantasize a lot?
20. Can you call yourself a nervous person?
21. How do you prefer to work?
22. Do you suffer from insomnia?
23. Is it hard for you to openly and actively express your emotions?
24. How do you feel before either a good or bad important event?
25. Can you successfully cope with several tasks at once?
26. Do you clearly remember the problems or pain that other people have caused you?
27. Do you have more than three close friends?
28. If you have a deeply personal problem that only you can solve, will you talk to a friend about it?
29. Do you experience unspecified mood swings?
30. Do you usually plan your affairs beforehand?
31. Do you really need the recognition, approval or empathy from other people?
32. How many tasks can you usually concentrate on?
33. Is it difficult for you to find an interesting activity to do when you are alone?
34. How do you usually receive criticism?
35. How do you find it easiest to communicate with other people?
36. How do you respond if someone starts yelling at you?
37. Are you easy to anger?
38. Is it hard for you to control your emotions?
39. Can you call yourself a creative person who creates under the influence of emotions?
40. Do you like to manage people or organize their work?

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