Who is a choleric: a hot-tempered aggressor or a bold and energetic leader?

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Who is a choleric and what are the strengths and weakness of their temperament? Who are cholerics in childhood, relationships, career and health? Who makes the best partners for cholerics?
Choleric guy triumphs

If the choleric is dissatisfied with something, they immediately instigate loud quarrels, turning into a fierce fight. They are too emotional, often crossing the boundaries of what is acceptable. It is impossible to calm them down and life with such a person is a complete nightmare. This is how a lot of people imagine the typical choleric. But is it true?

Cholerics suffer greatly from societal stereotypes of being ill-tempered and difficult. And now it’s time to find out the real facts about choleric personalities.

Who is a Choleric?

The choleric possesses an expressive temperament based on a strong nervous system, which is characterized by the desire to dominate, powerful energy, but weak self-control. Such a person can often change the mood the moment they walk into a room; they are unpredictable. The typical choleric tends to stir things up wherever they go, because without being surrounded by turmoil and drama, they quickly get bored.

Characteristics of Cholerics

External signs of the choleric are immediately noticeable. They speak loudly, quickly and in an incoherent manner, often not finishing words and sentences. Their intonation is never the same, it is constantly changing. They have bright facial expressions and wide and sweeping  gestures. Their gait is energetic; it seems that they are always in a hurry. As a rule, these are tall, lean but strong people.

Here are some common choleric personality traits:

Choleric loves to be the center of attention and to patronize and protect others. They are ready to save the planet and become a hero at any moment. It is important for them to be admired and to make people proud of them. Glory and recognition are also significant for them.

Cholerics are competitors. They can’t imagine life without a race for the championship. They always tend to dominate and can’t stand it when someone tries to control or criticize them.

The choleric is a master of spontaneity. They do not like to detailed plans and prefer to live in the moment.

This quiz will help you determine what type of temperament you have.

Cholerics’ Advantages


Cholerics are not accustomed to putting off anything until later. If they are able to do everything at once, they will definitely take advantage of it. Due to this quality, cholerics do not miss the opportunities that life gives them. They are often lucky, achieve a lot and become successful.

Cholerics not afraid to take risks. On the contrary, they thrive on taking changes. Likewise, cholerics welcome change. They view each situation as a competition, a test of their strength; another gamble and adventure.


Once the choleric decides that they need something, they will not give up until they attain their goal. Obstacles do not frighten them and setbacks do not deter them, they will keep trying until they achieve the desired outcome. Where others surrender, cholerics  persevere and win.

Cholerics are workaholics and willing to make sacrifices to realize their dreams. They will not spare their effort, time or money to attain what it is that they truly desire. They do not need additional motivation; their drive for success is enough to see them through.


Wit, strength, expressiveness, openness, and sometimes even the naivety of the choleric, attract people. They exude charm, self-confidence and contagious enthusiasm, which allows them to inspire and lead others.

If the choleric learns to control their mood swings, then they will be able to become a terrific diplomat or public speaker.


Since the choleric likes to constantly be in motion, they often try new hobbies. However, it is hard to say how in-depth they will delve into each new undertaking. However, cholerics have a lot of knowledge and skills.

For example, on any given day, the choleric manages to complete a dozen assignments of different, sometimes even competing duties or priorities. They can easily multi-task.

Cholerics’ Disadvantages

Short temper

Emotional instability noticeably has a negative impact on the lives of cholerics and their loved ones. They are irritable and unrestrained, are easily angered over small things, and may become aggressive. When they are in a bad mood, their anger is out of control. They scream, hurl insults and can even start a fight.

However, often after their emotions subside, cholerics are very sorry about what they said and did under the influence of out-of-control feelings. They quickly cool down, forget the insults and do not seek to remember the transgressions of others.

All the choleric’s feelings — both positive and negative — are strong. Anger is not their only intense emotion; they are jealous, passionate, and equally unrestrained in grief and joy.


The choleric rarely thinks about the consequences of their actions. They do not spend the time to assess the pros and cons of a solution and immediately put their plans into action. This impulsiveness often gets the choleric in trouble, as well as losing money, other people’s trust and their own good reputation.

The choleric has a short attention span and it is difficult for them to concentrate on one thing. They are used to focusing on several things at once. However, they are “big picture” people and prefer to not delve into the details.


Cholerics people are illogical; they are accustomed to acting on impulse. Their emotions almost always prevail over reason. Because of this, they often forget about their health. They eat junk food or forget to eat at all, do not adhere to a daily routine, etc. Cholerics can save up money for a long time, and then spend it in a minute. Often, they are inattentive to their friends and then complain that they have no real friendships.

The choleric child




The choleric’s career

Cholerics are born to be leaders. They have enough strength, motivation and perseverance to succeed for themselves and others. They work quickly and intensively and make snap decisions. This influences their peers and subordinates to work at the same pace.

However, sometimes the choleric can be quite an intimidating and rude boss who yells at their employees, and controls and criticizes them excessively.

The main things that the choleric appreciates in work are:

A performer-choleric (a subordinate) is a very enterprising and energetic worker. They do not wait for new tasks to be assigned to them; they directly ask for them or try to find them themselves. However, they may try to take the place of their boss and can pose a serious threat.

A choleric would be well-suited for such professions as an actor, politician, correspondent, coach, stage director, etc.

Choleric and relationships

A relationship with a choleric is anything but placid or boring. In love and friendship, they are passionate and jealous. It is difficult and painful for the choleric if their partner communicates with someone else. It’s better not to praise someone else in front of the choleric because they will take it as a reproach and create a scandal.

Cholerics give themselves completely to any relationship. They are ready to give presents, announce their feelings to the entire world, do crazy things, and make important sacrifices to prove their feelings. In return, they will demand unconditional devotion and loyalty, and not only physically. The choleric considers it a betrayal if their friend or loved one puts them in second place. They must always be first!

In relationships, cholerics:

Relationships with the choleric personality are often short. Other people find it difficult to get along with the choleric’s unpredictability and violent emotions. The choleric, suffering from loneliness among a crowd of people, is not an uncommon situation.

The choleric’s health (psychosomatics)

The liver and gallbladder are the organs the choleric should pay special attention to. Since they are passionate and impulsive, they may suffer from bad habits — alcohol and cigarettes being the most common. If the choleric has long-lasting addictions, they will have a very negative impact on their entire body.

Often, cholerics have heart-related problems, as well as increased blood pressure.

Cholerics with other types of temperaments


Nuclear explosion. This is a very rare alliance since the two cholerics are always rivals. They find it very difficult to give in to each other, so it will take a lot of mutual forces to make a double-choleric relationship a happy one.

Usually, this tandem turns into a good business partnership. Such colleagues have good chances to open a successful joint business. However, they will need a mediator — help from a third side. Most likely it would be phlegmatic or sanguine.

Two cholerics in a love relationship will have a bright and passionate romance. But it will certainly be short, and quite possibly, painful.


Fight and fun. Sanguine is the only type of temperament that can dominate the choleric. However, this is not always the case, and then the competition for leadership takes root with this couple.

It is hard for these two to avoid quarrels, but both partners quickly forget about them. They do not harbor resentment, so they can create a happy family.

The cholerics and sanguines make good friends, but better business partners. This is the perfect combination of temperaments to open their own business and lead it to success.


Tense atmosphere. These relationships require the ability to compromise from both sides. The hardest situations are at work. The choleric wants the phlegmatic to more energetically. The choleric always prods their slow-moving colleague but does not get a result, which is very annoying.

Cholerics and phlegmatics rarely become friends because they can’t interest each other for long.

But in love, everything is different. With desire and diligence, the choleric-phlegmatic couple becomes happy. The phlegmatic slows down their choleric partner a little and makes them more rational and keeps them away from volatile situations.


Emotional tsunami. These are two emotional and, in many ways, opposite, temperaments. Everything that develops between them usually lasts only temporarily. The choleric does not like the slowness and tearfulness of the melancholic and may lash out at them, and then  regret it. The choleric is unlikely to want to live with a constant feeling of guilt, therefore, most likely they will initiate a break.

Also, the choleric partner does not understand the inner feelings of the melancholic. They do not realize why they are sad, and sometimes they don’t even notice it. Such a union will survive only if the choleric decides to become more sensitive and attentive and the melancholic develops a thicker skin.

Although the choleric person is often hot-tempered, they can’t be called a bad person. They have a lot of positive qualities that they are ready to share with others. The main thing is to give them a chance to show their strengths. A happy, harmonious relationship between a choleric and melancholic is not a myth, but a completely accessible reality.

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